Cheap Travel

Whether you travel frequently for business or you just like to see the world, chances are you are paying too much for airfare.  Trying to search through the internet to find a good deal on your trip is confusing and chaotic.  There seems to be an endless array of companies that say they have the lowest travel prices or that they have an inside track on where you can find them.  Once you check the prices though that doesn’t seem the case.  You can still get great deals on airfare, if you know where to look and how to book your trip.  Let’s show you how to get the lowest prices on your next trip.

Cheap Airfare

Corporate Travel

If you work for a large corporation you may be entitled to get a discount at various airlines, especially if you are flying for business purposes.  Your company may have negotiated a discount for their employees based on using that particular airline or travel agency exclusively.  This is good for you as you get great discounts no matter where you travel.


Airlines are just like any other business; they are always trying to boost sales and make sure that their airplanes stay full.  Some countries promote tourism at different times of year and work with airlines to offer deals.  If you are traveling for vacation and are willing to go on the off season then you can score some great deals.

Other Discounts

There are travel clubs or associations that you can join that offer you discounts on specific destinations.  Some associations or travel clubs will give you a flat discount on airfare during different times of year.  If you want to get a great deal then booking early will get you huge discounts.  With some airlines the discount can be as high as 85% if you book far enough in advance.  If you are committed to the trip then always book like this. Traveling during the week or taking the red eye can also get you a better fare.

All Inclusive Vacations

Vacations are the bread and butter of the travel industry and if you book an all-inclusive vacation, you can get some great deals.  Vacations are comprised of flights, hotel and car rentals and bundling them together can save you a bundle.  Try pricing out each of these components individually and then look at what they cost you in a package.  You can’t miss the hundreds in savings.   Again if you book far enough in advance then the discount is even bigger.

Student Standby

If you are enrolled in a post-secondary institution, even on a part-time basis and you have a valid student ID then you may get discounts too.  If you’re traveling with kids there are cases where kids either fly for free or at a deeply discounted price.  Here are some tips on flying standby.

Become a Courier

This isn’t for the business traveler but for someone who wants to see the world on a budget then becoming a courier may be ideal.  Why be a courier?  Many times people send valuable packages unaccompanied on a plane and then they are stuck in customs for ages, or the package is just too valuable or important to leave on its own.  Courier companies will give you very cheap or even free airfare so they can send their packages and get them through customs much quicker.

There are downsides, first you will have to give up some luggage space but that’s not a bad trade-off for the lower airfares.  You may also need to be pretty flexible in how and when you travel.  Be prepared for layovers and traveling overseas with just an overnight bag may not be ideal.  Becoming a courier may not be the ideal solution for everyone but with a small wardrobe and the desire to travel on a whim this may workout great.

Where to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Online Sites

There are dozens of cheap flights site such as Priceline that can help you find cheap airline tickets.  If your trip requires you to check into a hotel then try bundling everything together so your hotel and car rental is also included.  Last minute deals and some flexibility in your booking will give you the chance to select the very best deal.  If you’re traveling for business this may not be ideal.

Special Offers

Always check the website of your favorite airline to see if they have any deals.  Some will have special offers during the off season and some others may have a “miles” or “points” system that allow you to fly for a deep discount or even better…for free.  Booking directly with an airline may also offer you a better discount so don’t be afraid to shop around.

Don’t get discouraged we can help you find low cost airfare to wherever you want to travel.  We understand the industry and how to take advantage of the savings travel agencies, travel websites and even airline promotions to get the best deal.